One-buttock company

Benjamin Zander

The company that 'plays on one cheek' is one that knows how to move in unison, create harmony, where each person performs their role.

What is the One-buttock company? The company mentioned by Benjamin Zander, Director of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, author of one of the books that have marked the history of management and leadership, ‘The Art of Possibility’, and world-renowned lecturer, is one that knows how to go in unison, to create harmony, one in which each person performs his or her role. Not only that. It’s the company driven by inspiration, embracing change, and rising towards success because it learns to temper individual accents and let talent take off. Regardless of its size or industry, this business is characterized by:

Shared values

Clear vision

Working by objectives

Being simultaneously effective and flexible, proactive, and synergistic with each other.

What are our areas of action?

The Project Player has always worked closely with businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises, the beating heart of the Italian and European economy.

We know that time is always the most precious factor in businesses, specially for entrepreneurs and the most capable collaborators. That’s why our interventions aim to use time and resources optimally.

To do this, we listen and often observe first. Thus, we start with what you tell us, the needs and challenges you represent, and from here, we build a tailor-made, modular project that can integrate training, consulting, and coaching actions (individual, group, and team), both online and in person.

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