What does training mean?

Giving shape.

Training has the task of facilitating the emergence, encounter, and translation into skills of the knowledge, abilities, talents, and resources of people who work in organisations at every level.

It is tailor-made training because it is built together with those who are the recipients and beneficiaries.

The relationship established is one of partnership: the goal is for you to achieve your objectives. Therefore, training is as practical as possible, combining content and tools, experiential and hands-on activities. What distinguishes it is the care for everything that prepares organizations and individuals to make the most of the learning experience: from the choice of physical locations or digital platforms and their accessory applications to the training methods, the creation of the context and training atmosphere, the preparation of materials, and the timing.

Courses that act as a trigger, push, support, enhance, or refine the transition from saying to doing, from vision to action. In an atmosphere of lightness and play, with the ability to look at oneself “from the outside,” amplifying the effectiveness of learning. That’s why our brand is “The Project Player.”
That is why our brand is ‘The Project Player’.

The main areas of work are soft skills,
leadership and management.