A project is what drives us towards happiness





To support and assist people, organisations and communities in developing the ability to live, undertake, and manage projects from vision to realisation, is the vision that inspires our way of working.

Why talk about projects and happiness together?

Because projects are much more than the translation of a vision into reality, the realisation of one or more objectives. Bringing projects to fruition stirs emotions, puts positive energies into circulation, helps us to feel good, to feel happy and, not surprisingly, ‘fulfilled’. A project that is truly such (not just a resolution or the mere execution of a task) changes reality, and its effects endure, becoming the foundation for a new project.

Gily Pompeo

We can live, do business, manage a territory trying to cope. In doing so, we react externally, and become prey to urgencies, unexpected situations, and changes that we mostly experience as imposed, often feeling anxiety and a sense of precariousness, even when things are going well.

We can live, do business, manage with tremendous determination, focusing all our energies on one specific aspect. We will most likely succeed and be successful, but at the price of sacrificing every other aspect of life, or risking burn out, creating a climate that is ultimately too stressful for ourselves and our collaborators, leading to a collapse in productivity and the loss of the best resources. An effective strategy, perhaps even rewarding in the immediate term, unsustainable in the medium term, destructive in the long run.

Barbara Chiavarino

Living, undertaking, and managing projects means being purposeful, intuitive, effective, sustainable, flexible, creative, and able to bring out the best in ourselves and those around us.

The Project Player supports you in developing the ability to live, undertake and manage projects, from vision to realisation. It does so by combining training, coaching and counselling, through an interaction that stimulates cognitively and also engages emotionally.