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A project is what moves you to happiness

Barbara Chiavarino

This is my motto.

Why talking about projects and happiness together?
That’s because projects do translate a vision into reality.
Carrying out our projects moves our best energies, makes us feel good, feel happy and, not surprisingly, “fulfilled”.
A project that is really such (not just an intention or the mere performance of a task) changes reality – and its effects continue and become the basis for new projects




My goal is that you meet your goals. Thus, mine is a tailor-made training, built together with my customers, woven with skills, experience and attention to grasp the needs and respond to the expectations, in a partnership.



To succeed as individuals, as a team leader and as a business leader. This is the challenge that I aim to make you win, according to a model that identifies leadership as “personal success” together with “put others in a position to be successful.”



I help organizations to transform visions into plans and to implement them. We make design techniques available, taking care of any aspect relevant to the success of a project, be it innovative, complex, involving multiple organizations or “weak ties” entities.




Starting from needs and challenges of companies, I and my colleagues are at their side with coaching, training and consulting. We know how precious are time and resources for our clients. For this reason, our proposals aim to achieve concrete objectives and to make internal staff grow.



Clarify own vision, identify goals and take the first step: I give help and drive you into these three phases, to be aware and proactive, open to new perspectives and leading actors of your change.


Public Administration

Local development, promotion of young talents, equal opportunities: these are the priority action areas at the side of the PA. I work with Regions, Development Agencies, GAL, GAC, unions of municipalities, cities, dealing with administrators and technicians for a participatory planning.

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