In my vision, consultancy always involves a partnership approach with customers.

It may accompany and complement training and coaching or have its own life, according to the needs and demands of customers.

Consultancy for Enterprises

My vision is the “One-buttock company” named by Benjamin Zander

Difficult to translate into other languages this topic by Benjamin Zander, Director of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, author of one of the books that marked the history of management and leadership “The Art of Possibility” and lecturer of international renown.

The company that “plays on only one buttock” is the one that knows how to walk in unison, creating a harmony where each one fulfils his/her function.

It is the company that is driven by inspiration, following the change and rises to success because it learns to dampen individual accents and let the talent take off.

Whatever its size or sector of activity, such enterprise is distinguished by a clear vision, by the ability of all of work for targets, effective and flexible, pro-active and in synergy with each other.

Consultancy, I and my colleagues offer, aims to help you transforming your enterprise in one buttock-one.

Consultancy for Public sector

Three are my main areas of work with the Public Sector:

  1. Local development, specifically in the fields of sustainable tourism, entrepreneurship and young people’s talents valorisation.
  2. Gender policies.

Let me spend some words about.

Let’s not hide. After years of initiatives, conferences, campaigns and projects on equal opportunities, after plenty of positive actions, the gap remains their translation into practice. And the crisis has made us lose much of what we had won.

Together with the public administration I work to include a gender approach, and procedures and tools for monitoring and assessment of its application, into the Drafting of Strategic Plans of Cities and in all of the documents which drive the economic choices and priorities – convinced that it is -more than ever- needful.

I add also activities in schools, with teachers, educators, professors to support their role as educators against the development of stereotypes that lead to prejudice, oppression and violence.