According to the definition of the International Coaching Federation, the largest international association, coaching is a partnership between the coach and its clients (coachee) that, through a creative process, thought-provoking, inspires them to develop to the maximum their personal and professional potential.

Thanks to a rigorous and yet flexible method, which develops through conversations, coaching encourages people to identify what they want and gives support, without acting in their place or show them what to do. Everyone is naturally resourceful, creative, accountable and whole. Through coaching people can flourish.

The coaching model I adopt, is based on the approach of Leadership coaching, which identifies leadership as “personal success” at the same time “putting others in a position to succeed.” The leadership coach helps customers succeed as an individual, as a team leader and as a business leader.

My coaching relies on skills and experiences gained working with organizations and individuals. Techniques and tools ground in leadership coaching and in medical coaching, and are enriched by studies on welfare organization, emotional intelligence, creativity, lateral thinking, change management, recognition of individual resources, ability to design and plan. This wealth of knowledge and expertise is made available to my clients to help them take responsibility for the creation of own objectives, projects planning, identification of results, exploration of resources, definition of a personal way of acting, reviewing and learning from what has been – or not been – done.

Each proposed route puts the client (coachee) at the center.