A project is what moves you to happiness

Barbara Chiavarino

This is my motto.

Why talking about projects and happiness together?
That’s because projects do translate a vision into reality.

Carrying out our projects moves our best energies, makes us feel good, feel happy and, not surprisingly, “fulfilled”.
A project that is really such (not just an intention or the mere performance of a task) changes reality – and its effects continue and become the basis for new projects.

We can live, make business, administer a territory trying to cope with what happens. In doing so, we re-act outside, becoming prey of urgencies of the events, often feeling anxiety and insecurity, even when things are going well.

We can live, make business, administer with all determination, focusing all our energy on a specific aspect. Most likely we will succeed, but at the cost of sacrificing every other aspect of life, or risking burn out and create stress for ourselves and for the others. At the end, that brings to a steep fall in productivity and loss of the best resources. An effective strategy, maybe rewarding in the short term, unsustainable in the medium, destructive in the long term.

Projects lead us to be intentional, effective, consistent, flexible in life and business, able to make the best of it and of people around us.

I call myself “Project Player”. It means someone who can enhance your project design and management abilities, from vision to achievement, in a partnership relation.

That’s the way we work: people who collaborate with me and I.

Barbara Chiavarino

I am curious, I am an explorer; I love authentic communication, creating connections, developing awareness.

My talent is “from vision to action”: helping people, organizations, administrations, to define strategies and implement them, by adopting a twofold perspective: the gender approach and the European and international vision. In my professional and personal experience, these elements are in an inter-dependency relationship: as a lens for reading contexts and an element of innovation.

I work at the local and international levels. I do believe that the talents of people are at the heart of every innovation. Talents are the result of places, relationships, personal, social and economic experiences woven together, developing awareness and wellbeing.

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC – ICF), and a Professional Trainer (AIF Register) with a solid ground of project management and a broad knowledge of organizational management systems. On this basis, I developed specializations in leadership and medical coaching. This mix characterizes my style of work, devoted to facilitate the development of wellbeing, for people, organizations and communities.